New Arrivals from Hobby Master.

We have just received a new shipment from Hobby Master. Please visit us to view the models.


HA4516 “McDonnell Douglas F-15C “”Maloney’s Pony”” 82-0023, 27th TFS, 1st TFW, 1991″ $180


HA8807 “Japan Zero Fighter Type II 3-116, flown by Saburo Sakai, 12th Kokutai, 1940 to 1941” $150

HA3873 “Lockheed Martin F-16D Brakeet “”UAV Killer”” 074, 109 Squadron, IAF 2006″ $160

HA4209 “Boston MK.IV BZ405, No.88 Sqn., RAF, 1944” $160

HA3545 “F/A-18B Hornet “”Classic Hornet 1985-2019″” A21-116, 2 OCU, RAAF, Williamtown” $170

HA4518 “F-15E “”75th D-Day Anniversary scheme”” 97-0219, 492nd FS, RAF 2019″ $180

HA19016 “McDonnell Douglas F-4E “”God of War”” 01507, 338 Sqn., Hellenic Air Force, 2019″ $170

HA19017 “McDonnell Douglas F-4E 01534, 338 Sqn., Hellenic Air Force 2017” $160

HA3408 “Japan T-2 “”Blue Impulse”” 59-5111, 4th Air Wing, JASDF” $150

HA5606 “MIG-25PD “”Foxbat”” Red 49, 146th Fighter Aviation Regiment,
Ukranian Air Force, Vasilkov 1995″ $190


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