New items from Hobby Master.

Due to the new government measures, we would like to inform all that our shop at Far East Plaza will be closed from 7 April 2020, Tuesday until 5 May 2020, Tuesday.

We will still continue to serve you via our online and social media avenues. You can contact us with WhatsApp at +6596894509 or +6583880471. We can provide you with pdf files of existing stock.

We can accept payment by PayPal, Grabpay or PayNow/ PayLah. The items will then be posted or otherwise delivered to you.

You can also drop us an email at or leave us a message at our Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you for your previous support and we wish everyone the best of health. We will all pull through this difficult times together.

HA3872 “Lockheed F-16C “”Red Flag AK Interim Scheme”” 86-0295, 354th Wing, 18th Aggressor Sqn., Alaska, Dec 2017″ $160

HA6403 “J-15 Flying Shark No. 114, Aircraft Carrier Liaoning, 2017” $230

HA5113 “F/A-18F Super Hornet 168493, VFA-103, USS Lincoln , 2017 “”75th Anniversary Commemorative Scheme””” $220

HA3026 “F-111G “”Boneyard Wrangler”” A8-272, 6 Squadron, RAAF, 1994-2007″ $210

HA19014 “McDonnell Douglas F-4N Phantom II 152323, VMFA-531 “”Gray Ghosts””, USS Coral Sea” $170

HA3876 “Lockheed F-16C Block 25 “”Ghost Scheme”” 84-1220, 64th AGRS, 2019″ $160

HA5605 “MIG-25PD “”Foxbat”” 5th Aerial Squadron , Syrian AAF, Tiyaz AB, 1985″ $190

HA0152 “MIG-21 PFM Red 50, Soviet Air Force” $140

HA3336 “Northrop F-5E 74-1535, 527th Aggressor Sqn., Alconbury AB, England 1976-1988 “”Grape””” $140

HA5507 “P-40N Kittyhawk FX-760, 112 Squadron, RAF, 1944 (can be seen at the RAF Museum Hendon)” $120

HG5313 “M41A3 Bulldog ROC Army” $60

HG5314 “M41A3 Bulldog Taiwan Marine Corps” $60

HA0198 “Chengdu J-7III 30065, 29th Air Division, Quzhou AB, PLAAF, 1998” $140

HA0199 “Chengdu J-7IIIA 25003, PLAAF, Huairen AB, 1997” $140

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