New Shipment from Hobby Master

We have received a new shipment from Hobby Master. Please visit us to view the models available.

HA5116 “F/A-18E Super Hornet NF200 (CAG Aircraft), VFA-27 “”Royal Maces””, USS Ronald Reagan, 2017″ $210

HA6701 “Tornado IDS 44+43, JaBoG 34 Allgau, Luftwaffe, 1980s” $200

HA6702 “Tornado GR.1 ZA 592″”G””, No. 9 Sqn., RAF Honington, 1983″ $200

HA6604 “Eurofighter Typhoon EF2000 C.16-48, Spanish Air Force, 2019” $190

HA3872 “Lockheed F-16C “”Red Flag AK Interim Scheme”” 86-0295, 354th Wing, 18th Aggressor Sqn., Alaska, Dec 2017″ $160

HS0004 “Display Stand for Hobby Master 1/72 Jet Fighters (for F-4,F-16 series and F-15E)” $30

HA6503 “MIG-29A Fulcrum 29+14, JG 73 “”Steinhoff””, German Air Force, Laage Air Base, 2000s” $180

HA5228 “Grumman F-14A Tomcat “”Super CAG”” 160660, VF-111 “”Sundowners””, USS Carl Vinson, 1986″ $230

HA19020 “McDonnell Douglas F-4EJ Phantom 17-8301, JASDF “”first Japan Phantom”” $170

HA6602 “Eurofighter Typhoom EF2000 30+83 (cn GS063), JG 74, Luftwaffe 2013” $190

HA6603 “Eurofighter Typhoon EF2000 14-06, 142 Sqn., Spanish Air Force “”NATO Tiger Meet 2016″” $190

HA5115 “F/A-18E Super Hornet 410/168478, VFA-151 “”Vigilantes””, 2019″ $210

SM8009 “TBD-1 Devastator “”Battle of Midway”” T-16, flown by LCDR John C. Waldron, VT-8, USS Hornet, 4th June 1942″ $150

SM8010 “TBD-1 Devastator “”Battle of Midway”” T-3, flown by Ensign William R. Evans, VT-8, USS Hornet, 4th June 1942″ $150

HG3015 “Soviet KV-II Heavy Tank “For the Motherland!”” $70

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