Hobby Master Shipment

We have received a new shipment from Hobby Master, including the ill-fated Challenger Shuttle. Please view the models at our showroom.

HA7853 Spitfire Mk. Vb BL973/RY- S, F/L Stanislav Fejfar, No. 313 Sqn. May 1942 $160

HA7854 Spitfire Mk. Vb AB972/UD-W, F/L Brendan “Paddy” Finucane, No. 452 Sqn., RAAF, RAF Kenley, Oct 1941 $160

HA5807 Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk 85-831 (with Skunkworks) $190

HA7741 P-51K Mustang “Nooky Booky IV” 44-11622, flown by Major Leonard “Kit” Carson, 362nd FS, 357th FG, 1945 $160

HA6008 J-11B Flanker 61021, PLA Northerm Theater Command, 2019 $220

HA4318 F-86F Sabre “Blue Impulse” 02-7960, JASDF $130

HA4421 Lockheed Martin F-35A 134th FS, 158th FW, Burlington Int’l Airport, Vermont Air Guard, Sept 2019 $180

HA4422 Lockheed Martin F-35I “Adir” No.902, 140 Squadron, IAF, August 2016 $180

HA4420 F-35A “Diana Special Marking” F-001, 323 TES “Diana”, Edwards AFB, Royal Netherlands Air Force, 2018 $180

HG7055 ISU-152 Tank Destroyer unidentified unit, Berlin Operation, April 1945 $70

HG7056 ISU-122 Tank Destroyer 3rd Belorussian Front unit, Konigsberg, WWII $70

HA5231 Grumman F-14A Tomcat 160395, VF-33 Starfighters USS America, 1992 $230

HA8750 BF 109G-6 “Erich Hartmann” 4./JG 52 Hungary, 1944 $160

HA6011 Su-27SM “Flanker B” Mod. I Red 76, Russian Air Force, 2016 $220

HA5229 Grumman F-14A Tomcat 160408, VF-84, USS Theodore Roosevelt, May 1993 $230

HA1329 A-10C Thunderbolt II “Demo Team” 80-0275, 354th FS, Davis-Monthan AFB, Sept 2019 $180

HL1407 Space Shuttle Mission 51-L, OV-099 “Challenger”, Jan 1986 $150

HG3423 M10 Tank Destroyer 601st Tank Destroyer Bttn., Volturno River, 1943 $70

HG3424 M10 Tank Destroyer 601st Tank Destroyer Bttn., Italy $70


New Shipment from AutoArt.

After a long hiatus, we are finally receiving a new shipment from AutoArt. Please note that stocks are limited and we apologise if your desired model gets sold out.

Kindly call us at 67327717 to reserve your piece.

12111 Bugatti Chiron 2017 Blue 1/12 $940

12114 Bugatti Chiron 2017 Grey 1/12 $940

70986 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Blue/Blue $560

70987 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Silver/Blue $560

70988 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Red/Black $560

70989 Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Yellow/Black $560

76063 Mclaren P1 Papaya Spark $520

76071 Mclaren 720S White $460

76073 Mclaren 720S Blue $460

78276 Pagani Huayra BC Red/Carbon $620

78277 Pagani Huayra BC Blue/Carbon $620

78278 Pagani Huayra BC Grey/Carbon $620

78279 Pagani Huayra BC Viola/Carbon $620

79019 Koenigsegg One:1 Gold/Carbon $670

79026 Koenigsegg Regera Red $620

79028 Koenigsegg Regera Blue $620

81895 Honda NSX GT3 2018 Red $270

81898 Honda NSX GT3 2018 White $250

81899 Honda NSX GT3 2018 Black $250

New shipment from Hobby Master.

We have received the first shipment since the resumption of operations.

As we have to adhere to safe distancing rules, we apologise if there is a slight wait before we can admit customers if the shop has 5 patrons already.

So, do remember to scan our Safe Entry QR code and stay safe.

HA4516 McDonnell Douglas F-15C “Maloney’s Pony” 82-0023, 27th TFS, 1st TFW, 19912 $180

HA4611 Lockheed F-35B Ligthning II 169164, VMFA-121, USMC, Iwakuni 2018 $190

HA1328 A-10A Thunderbolt II AF810977, 66th Weapons Sqn., April 2005 $180

HA4210 Douglas A-20G Havoc “Little Joe”43-21475, 389th BS, 312th BG, 5th AF, early 1945 $160

HA4519 F-15E Strike Eagle”Billy the Kid” 92-366, 391st Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, April 2019 “Operation Inherent Resolve” $180

HA4520 F-15K Slam Eagle “Kill Chain Operator” 08-056, 11th Fighter Air Wing, ROKAF, Nov 2014 $180

HA2719 Japan XF-2B jet Fighter 63-8102, Technical Research and Development Institute & A.D.T.W. $160

HA6104 Su-25SM Red 25, Russian Air Force, Latakia, Syria, Nov 2015 $180

HA6105 Su-25SM Red 06, Russian Air Force, Russia, August 2012 $180

HA0173 SBD-3 Dauntless “Lt. Richard Best” VB-6, USS Enterprise, 4th June, 1942 “Battle of Midway” $140

HA0174 SBD-3 Dauntless “LCDR C. Wade McClusky” Enterprise Air Group Commander , 4th June 1942 “Battle of Midway” $140

HD3005B US Modern Weapon Loading Set II : Ford Tractor, Missiles Trailer, Lift Truck $70

HA8714 BF 109E-3 model Stab/JG 26, flown by Walter Horten, France, Spring 1940 $150

HA8219 F4U-1A Corsair “White 29”, VF-17, Lt. Ira Kepford, Jan 1944 $160

HA8220 F4U-2 Corsair “Midnite Cocktail” VMF(N)-532, USMC, Saipan, April 1944 $160

HA3023 EF-111A Raven “Cherry Bomb” 67-0052, 42nd ECS, 66th ECW, Upper Heyford, England 1987 $190

HA5213b Grumman F-14A Tomcat “Miss Molly” 161621, VF-111 “Sundowners”, USS Carl Vinson, 1989 $230

HA19015 McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom II V157299, VF-103 “Sluggers’, USS Saratoga, 1971 $160

HA2915 Douglas A-1H Skyraiders “The Good Buddha” SN#34609, 1st SOS, 56th SOW, Nakhon Phanom 1968 $170

HA5509 P-40N “Black Magic” HU-E, 78 Sqn., RAAF, Morotai, early 1945 $130

HG4916 M8 HMC US Army, European Theatre, WWII $60

New Arrivals from Hobby Master.

We have a new shipment from Hobby Master, Please visit us at the shop to view the models.

HS0004 “Display Stand for Hobby Master 1/72 Jet Fighters (for F-4,F-16 series and F-15E)” $25

HA5151 “EA-18G Growler 166894, VAQ-132 Aviano AB, 2011 “Operation Odyssey Dawn”” $210

HA1615 “Mirage 2000-5 “”20 Years of Operation”” 2020/E120, ROCAF, 2018″ $170

HA3409 “Japan F-1 Jet Fighter 90-8227, 6th Squadron, JASDF” $160

HA3874 “Lockheed F-16C Block 52 10904, No.5 Sqn. “Falcons”, Pakistani AF, 2017 $160

HA3875 “Lockheed F-16D Block 52 10806, No.5 Sqn. “Falcons”, Pakistani AF, 2017” $160

HA4610 “Lockheed Martin F-35B ZM151, UK Lightning Force, 2019” $190

HA5906 “J-5 Jet Fighter
Red 0101, China Air Force (PLAAF), 1956″ $150

HA5907 “J-5 Jet Fighter
Red 2671, China Air Force (PLAAF), 1960s” $150

HA8713 “BF 109E-4 I./JG 77 “”Blitz””, France, summer 1940″ $150

HA6601 “Eurofighter Typhoon ZJ927 “”QO-M””, 3 Sqn., RAF, Libya 2011″ $190

HA6010 “Su-27 Flanker B
Serial 100, Ukrainian Air Force” $220

HA5008 “Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler 160432, VMAQ-2, US Marines” $210

HA6502 “MIG-29A Fulcrum
4120, Polish Air Force “”100th Anniversary””” $180

HA6503 “MIG-29A Fulcrum
29+14, JG 73 “”Steinhoff””, German Air Force, Laage Air Base, 2000s” $180

HA3551 “EF-18A “”NATO Tiger Meet 2016″” 15-01/C15-14, Ala 15, Spanish Air Force, Zaragoza” $160

HA3552 “McDonnell Douglas F/A-18D Hornet 164685, VMFA(AW)-121 “”Green Knights””, 2004″ $160

HA6203 “Lockheed Martin F-35C 003 “Pole Test Scheme””, 2012″ $190

HA6204 “Lockheed Martin F-35C 168735 “ED-104”, Edwards AFB, California 2016” $190

HA0211 “Douglas SBD-2 “”Dauntless”” flown by CDR Howard Young, Commander of the Enterprise Air Group, Pearl Harbour” $350

HP0002b “US modern pilots
(2 with white helmets, 3 with grey helmets)” $20

HD3005B “US Modern Weapon Loading Set II : Ford Tractor, Missiles Trailer, Lift Truck” $70

New Arrivals from Hobby Master.

We have just received a new shipment from Hobby Master. Please visit us to view the models.


HA4516 “McDonnell Douglas F-15C “”Maloney’s Pony”” 82-0023, 27th TFS, 1st TFW, 1991″ $180


HA8807 “Japan Zero Fighter Type II 3-116, flown by Saburo Sakai, 12th Kokutai, 1940 to 1941” $150

HA3873 “Lockheed Martin F-16D Brakeet “”UAV Killer”” 074, 109 Squadron, IAF 2006″ $160

HA4209 “Boston MK.IV BZ405, No.88 Sqn., RAF, 1944” $160

HA3545 “F/A-18B Hornet “”Classic Hornet 1985-2019″” A21-116, 2 OCU, RAAF, Williamtown” $170

HA4518 “F-15E “”75th D-Day Anniversary scheme”” 97-0219, 492nd FS, RAF 2019″ $180

HA19016 “McDonnell Douglas F-4E “”God of War”” 01507, 338 Sqn., Hellenic Air Force, 2019″ $170

HA19017 “McDonnell Douglas F-4E 01534, 338 Sqn., Hellenic Air Force 2017” $160

HA3408 “Japan T-2 “”Blue Impulse”” 59-5111, 4th Air Wing, JASDF” $150

HA5606 “MIG-25PD “”Foxbat”” Red 49, 146th Fighter Aviation Regiment,
Ukranian Air Force, Vasilkov 1995″ $190


Hobby Master Shipment

We have received a new shipment from Hobby Master. Do come down to view the models.

HA8319 “Spitfire IX ZD-B/MH434, No. 222 Sqn., RAF, Duxford 2004” $150

HA5806 “F-117A Nighthawk “”Operation Allied Force”” 82-803, 8th FS “”Black Sheep””, Kosovo War, 1999″ $190

HA5310 “MIG-23MLD 2nd Squadron “”Aggressor””, Turkmenia, Nov 1990″ $180

HA5227 “Grumman F-14D Tomcat 164350, VF-2, 2003 “”OIF””” $230

HA2717 “Japan F-2A Jet Fighter 63-8540, ADTW, JASDF, Gifu Airbase, 2019” $160

HA2712B “Japan F-2A Jet Fighter 03-8509, “”60th Anniversary scheme”” $160

HA5706 “Su-35 Flanker “”Prototype”” 901, Russian Air Force, MAKS-2007 Airshow, Zhukovskij, August 2007″ $220

HA4517 “McDonnell Douglas F-15A 76-0008, 318th FIS, “”William Tell 1984″”” $180

HA2121 “F-100D Super Sabre ‘MIG-17 Killer”” 55-2894, 416 TFS, Da Nang AB, 1965″ $150

HA0197 “MIG-21MF Fishbed 551(23+16), JG-1, NVA, East Germany” $140

HD3005B “US Modern Weapon Loading Set II : Ford Tractor, Missiles Trailer, Lift Truck” $70